CIAP branding revamped

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CIAP – or Clinical Information Access Portal – is a website that provides access to clinical information and resources help medical staff provide the best possible care at the bedside. It is available free to all NSW Health staff, although its mainly clinical information so is generally of interest to medical staff only. It was initiated in 1996, when a need for easily accessible, decision support information to meet the needs of clinicians was identified. It is administrated and managed by HealthShare NSW.

This is where I come into the picture. As the graphic designer at HealthShare NSW, CIAP asked me to help them with a revamp of their branding in 2012. They wanted their logo modernised but not drastically changed in any way, as they had already established a strong, recognisable brand with their existing audience and wanted to maintain that.

So, this is the original logo: CIAP logo - old versionAnd my…

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The Makings of a Great Public Speaker Website.

WebSite Mentor

What attributes make a great Public Speaker Website Design such as, or For the most part it comes down to applying the right design structure and homepage content to engage your audience and motivate them to book you.

Public Speaker Website Design

If you are a Public Speaker, Mentor or Coach don’t look at other types of industry website designs. There is a purpose and a reason as to why each industry has a somewhat set standard to a template and homepage structure. Why you ask, because it works.

The below is one of my favorite Public Speaker design concepts.

If you need help with your next design or marketing effort, contact me today. Happy to see if Website Mentor will be the right fit for you.

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How Can Multitasking Work For You in E-Commerce?

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Choosing the right tool for the right job. Choosing the right tool for the right job.

Multitasking; we all do it – or at least try to. There just aren’t enough hours in a day. We’re conditioned to believe that the busier we are, the more productive we must be, and therefore more successful. However, the key to making multitasking work for us is to make sure we don’t sacrifice quality for quantity.

How does this help e-Commerce? We can talk about it from 2 different angles.

1) Business Perspective – Managing the many components of your webshop can be tricky.

2) Customer Perspective – Because shoppers multitask, we need to reduce distractions.

As a business, smart multitasking can solve a multitude of problems. It’s about using the right tools for the right job and knowing what our priorities are. For customers, we need to understand how we as shoppers behave in an online space. We multitask all…

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Does selling over the web offer better margins than selling in stores?

The Operations Room

So what should be more profitable for a retailer, selling from physical stores or selling over the web? That’s the question that a recent Wall Street Journal article considers (How the Web Drags on Some Retailers, Dec 1). At first glance, the answer seems straightforward. Web sellers don’t need to rent stores or have staff cooling their heels waiting for customers. However, the reality isn’t necessarily so clear,

While conventional wisdom holds that online sales should be more profitable, because websites don’t need the pricey real estate and labor necessary to maintain a store network, many retailers actually earn less or even lose money online after factoring in the cost of shipping, handling and higher rates of returns.

For retailers that outsource their Web and fulfillment operations, costs can run as high as 25% of sales, industry analysts said.

Kohl’s Corp. says its profitability online is less than half what…

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6 Things That Take Your E-commerce Store from ‘Good’ to ‘Great’


Starting an e-commerce store today is not a huge deal. Topped with a good idea, even a basic website can transform into an e-commerce store in no time with a simple shopping cart plugin like ours.

Trouble is, there are millions of such e-commerce stores out there on the internet that set up shop and hope to win wallet-share on a wing and a prayer. My bet is that your store is a lot more valuable to you to leave outcomes like success, failure or mind-blowing popularity in the hands of pure chance.

So what would you do to take that e-commerce store of yours from good to great? Here’s what.

1. A Pleasure to Use, Not Easy to Use

Don’t you hate having to hunt through umpteen different aisles to get that one thing you came to pick up at your local supermarket? The feeling of being completely…

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